I’m absolutely loving this week’s workouts. It’s a deload week so I am lifting much lighter weights for more reps. This is preparing me for my max efforts next week! I’m hoping to set some good PRs.

Today was a chest and back day, and I was in and out within 45 minutes. It felt great. I was so zoned into my music and my focus was on point. I took no more than 45 seconds between sets so my heart rate was up the whole time.. basically I felt awesome! When I was done, my skin felt tight, my muscles felt swole and I was totally on cloud 9. One of the best workouts I’ve had. My new mentality is definitely playing a positive factor as well.

OH and even more exciting- I ate my first sandwich in over 2 years today! I’m allowed to substitute different foods into my diet as long as I stay true to my macro count. So, I had a chicken sandwich on whole wheat bread, half a sweet potato, and broccoli for lunch! Then, for dinner I experimented with my macros again and made a little mix of brown rice, salmon and chick peas. So good!