So today marked the end of my 2-week deload routine. It felt good to get in and out of the gym everyday in less than an hour, and be able to really focus of FORM and FEELING each and every rep of a squat, curl, etc because of the light weight. These two weeks is just what I needed to gain some self confidence. I’ve honestly never been this motivated before, and it’s actually perfect timing because next week is my Max week.. where I’m looking to PR on all my big lifts! At first I was SO scared seeing the numbers my coach wanted me to put up, but I know my body is ready. And mentally I feel ready. I realized if I go into it with any doubt, I’ve already lost the battle and I will fail those lifts. I need to go in with confidence. I’ve been on my bulk diet, so my body is feeling stronger than every, and my energy is sky rocketing. No mid day naps for this girl anymore. Tomorrow is my rest day, then Saturday is Day 1 of PR week!! I’m so ready!