So yesterday was the start to my max week. I met my friend at the gym so he could spot me on bench press and deadlifts. I was pumped and ready to go! I did my warm up sets and then started my max chances on the bench. I put up 85 lbs, put up 95, and after two attempts I failed at 105 lbs. I was extremely disappointed in myself but I went down to 100 and got that up with a bit if struggle. I let it get to me and it killed my adrenaline buzz. Im very competitive with myself so when I don’t succeed at a goal I beat myself up over it. After a few hours I accepted it and decided to use it as motivation to get it (and surpass it) next time. I’ve come a long way as it is and am happy with the 100 that I did.

Next I had deadlifts. I was already upset about not maxing out at 105 for bench, but I tried really hard to put it behind me for now and keep focus on what I had next. My goal was to deadlift 205 lbs. I recently purchased wrist straps at dicks sporting goods to help with gripping the bar. They work wonders! The grips really allow me to focus on my form rather than gripping the bar tight. I got up to 205 with little struggle, so I went up to 215 and after failing once, I got it up! My back arched a bit but I still smoothly finished the lift. I stopped there but looking back at the videos I could have increased the weight once more.
All in all I’m happy with the numbers I put up. It’s a huge step in the right direction and a big improvement in where I was a few months ago. I now have baseline numbers to improve on.
Today I have max power cleans. Bring it! Goal: 120 lbs