I’ve been busy and partially forgot to post these past few days. Monday concluded my Max Effort days, and it went really well! It was a legs and bicep day, and I reached my goal on back squats and hack squats which I’m very pleased with. 

The rest of the week was lighter weights, high reps to give my body a little break from the beat down I just gave it! I made sure I really pushed myself and focused on my form. Today’s leg day was KILLER. Speed squats, hack squats, leg curls, leg extensions, deadlifts, calf raises, leg press.. you name it, I did it! And I left the gym hardly able to walk… which in my eyes means a very successful day!!

This next week I’m moving back up to UConn so I’ll have to adjust to doing my workouts in a different gym. I’m ready for the chance of pace though!