A new mentality

“The Body Achieves What the Mind Believes”

My new gym mentality is something I would suggest EVERYONE following. By using this, my workouts have been some of the best, most focused workouts I’ve ever had.

I wasn’t leaving the gym feeling all that satisfied with the effort I had just put in. I did every rep, the correct weight, etc.. but something was missing. I was there, but i wasn’t THERE. My mind was elsewhere..  plans I had later, work, what i’m going to have for my next meal… etc. My head needed to be not only in the gym, but it needed to be tuned into my music, focused on that exercise, that rep, even that MUSCLE. By doing this I found myself getting WAY more out of every single rep I did. I was getting lower on squats, I was contracting my biceps on curls, I was touching my knees to elbows during bicycles. I was all there. And I was in the ZONE. I’ve never really been one to socialize in the gym, I like to get in and get out.. but this time nothing and nobody got in my way- I was there for ME and ONLY me. I finally realized I was going to get out what I put in. So if I put in 110% effort, I sure as hell wasn’t only going to get a half ass results. And after even 1 week of this mentality, I already noticed changes. I was sore for days after each workout, I was pushing myself to complete the last few reps even if I was failing at them, and I actually ENJOYED my time in the gym rather than wanted to get things done as quickly as possible. I’m there to train.. and to train hard.

Aside from the gym, my mentality about eating and my diet has also changed. For the longest time I used to have the mindset that ‘carbs are bad’.. ‘fats are bad’… etc. At one point in my life (while I was training for my half marathon- actually the WORST time to experiment with this…) I completely eliminated carbs out of my diet completely. Aside from 1 serving of fruit a day, and an abundant of vegetables, I had zero carbs. Needless to say, I was the LEANEST I had ever been in my life.. AND running 5-10 miles 4x a week in preparation for my race. Was I happy with this? At the time, yes.. looking back.. absolutely not. I looked sick and frail. I had no muscle tone. And for a tall girl like myself,  it wasn’t too attractive.

After the race (when I realized I was only doing more harm to my body by dieting like this), I slowly started reintroducing carbs like sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and brown rice back into my diet. I began to cut back on the running/cardio, and focus more on weight lifting and strength training. Luckily, my body responded well to the carbs, and I started to see my definition and tone come back. I was looking healthier and healthier, and feeling better than ever now that I wasn’t practically starving my muscles of the fuel they were crying for!

From then on out I have looked as carbs as a necessity. I make sure I take in some source of carbohydrate in every meal. Without them, most of my hard work in the gym would be going to waste- I would never see any gains in muscle. I like to explain it this way: more carbs= more muscle.. more muscle=faster metabolism.. faster metabolism= less body fat. Carbs don’t seem so bad after all, right?!


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